College-Bound Services
"College Transition Services for Students with Special Needs"

What is College-Bound Services?
Realizing the need for increased information about colleges for students with LD, ADD, emotional difficulties and other special needs, and the need for improved college preparatory skills, Allen Tinkler established COLLEGE-BOUND SERVICES. Allen Tinkler knows of the frustration experienced by parents when they ask such questions as, "Does _____ College have a good program for the student with Learning Disabilities (or other special need)? What college should my child apply to? Mr./Ms. Resource Room Teacher, will you give my child some pointers to help my child succeed in college?" He knows of the frustration experienced by guidance counselors and resource room teachers when they cannot adequately answer these questions.

His extensive background in special education, including learning and emotional disabilities, places him in an excellent position to evaluate college services and programs designed to assist students with special needs. His post graduate work in counseling and his 30 years of experience with students with special needs provides him with the insight to counsel, guide and assist these students in the college selection and admission process.

He respects the school guidance counselor and conveys that respect to his clients. His policy is not to replace the school guidance counselor but rather to serve as an additional resource for college-bound students with special needs.

Non-traditional students, many of whom are between the ages of 22 to 40, are for the first time, recognizing that many of the difficulties they experienced in college were due to a learning disability or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Wishing to return to college to further their education or to complete their degrees, they also are frustrated. They have no school guidance counselor to turn to for assistance. They don't know how the picture has changed over the years. Allen Tinkler can assist these non-traditional students as well.

To date, Allen Tinkler has visited and met with representatives from over 300 colleges in 33 states. In addition to specific articulation and college preparatory skills his clients learn:

  1. What he or she should look for in selecting a college.
  2. How federal law, Section 504, protects the rights of college students with disabilities.
  3. Admission criteria and procedures for the applicant with special needs.

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